Georgina Hicks - Vocals

Georgina has been singing in bands since her teens.  Her versatility means she can belt out Led Zepplin classics as well bring intense soulful phrasing to modern day pop and rock tunes.  George is also a professional children's entertainer and has her own company Little Dudes Disco


Simon Hicks - Vocals and Rhythm Guitar

Simon has been playing guitar and singing in bands for 20 years.  He lays down solid rhythm guitar parts whilst simultaneously singing with a vocal style perfectly suited to the songs we cover. Along with his wife George he creates dynamic harmonies on classics like Sweet Home Alabama and The Chain. Simon also runs his own graphic design agency ROCKETFUEL Creative


Matt Gardner - Lead Guitar

Matt has been playing guitar since his teens.  His very broad influences range from Led Zeppelin to The Jacksons to The Smiths to The Doors to The Beatles.  His guitar phrasing is his own and he makes playing some of the most complicated and famous riffs look easy.  He has been teaching guitar for 12 years (Abingdon Guitar Tuition) - with a student base of 200 pupils, you can't go far in Abingdon without bumping into somebody he has taught.  


Jason Moulster - Bass Guitar

Jason has been playing bass guitar in bands for over 20 years. He was signed to virgin records with The Unbelievable Truth and toured America and Japan in 1999, supporting Tori Amos. He is a versatile bass player who has a great musical feel and gift for putting the backbone into a bands sound.



Jim Stewart - Drums

Jim has been playing drums for over 20 years and also taught drumkit privately for 9 years. Over that time he has played in a vast array of bands and covered musical styles from pop'n'rock to blues and reggae to heavy metal. He gets an immense amount of joy from playing drums (as it releases his inner caveman!) and he brings his own individual style to all that he plays. His solid grooves and well placed fills are at the heart of everything that The Undercovers play.