• Friday 13th January: Private Function
  • Saturday 11th February: OASIS Fundraiser, The Manor School, Abingdon (Buy Tickets)
  • Saturday 25th February: Private Function
  • Saturday 11th March: Rock at the Beacon, Wantage
  • Friday 28th April: Dorchester Festival Big Bash (Buy Tickets)
  • Friday 12th May: Fundraiser, Shush, Wantage 
  • Saturday 27th May: Private Function
  • Saturday 24th June: The Brewery Tap, Abingdon
  • Saturday 29th July: The Bell, Grove
  • Sunday 10th September: SOAP, Oxford (South Oxfordshire Adventure Playground)
  • Friday 1st December: The Bay Tree, Grove
  • Saturday 16th December: The Bell, Grove
  • Sunday 31st December: The Brewery Tap, Abingdon


  • Saturday 13th January: Private Function
  • Saturday 14th April: Private Function 
  • Friday 11th May: Fundraiser, Shush, Wantage
  • Saturday 11th August: Private Function
  • Saturday 3rd November: Private Function